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Sally Marvel

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Sally Marvel is a Chicago-based sideshow and burlesque artist. She's a member of an elite group of dangerous dames being one of 50 known female sword swallowers world wide! She is strange, alluring, and death defying. 

She has thrilled audiences across the U.S., Canada, Scotland, Switzerland, Singapore, and the Philippines with an arsenal of skills including fire performances, angle grinding, human pincushion, glass walking, and whip cracking.


Joining the feminine with the bizarre, Sally curates entrancing yet visceral experiences for her audiences to indulge in. She hopes that witnessing her acts will create an opportunity for audience members to escape the mundane, to question what is possible, and to explore their own minds.


Sally’s acts are insured by Specialty Insurance Agency. She adheres to the safety protocols and standards outlined by Specialty Insurance Agency as well as the safety standards of the broader fire performance community. Proof of insurance is available upon request. A COI listing relevant parties can be provided with advanced notice.

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