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Sword Swallowing x Feather Fan Dance

"Iron" is a flamenco-inspired number featuring fan dancing, tassel twirling, and sword swallowing all set to a fashion-forward backing track. This performance was filmed during the Telenovela Cabaret at The Newport Theater (2023).

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Classic Burlesque x Feather Boa x Fire (optional)

"Diamonds " is an upbeat feather boa burlesque act culminating in tassel twirling act performed to "Diamonds Are Forever". Venue permitting, Diamonds has an optional upbeat part 2 that continues on with fire eating.

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Nola Blues

Neo Classical Burlesque x Feather Fan x Fire (optional)

"Nola Blues" is a slow burn burlesque act featuring a feather fan headdress and Mardi Gras aesthetics. The act ends in tassel twirling (fire tassels or non-fire tassels can be used per venue regulations). Venue permitting, Nola Blues has an optional upbeat part 2 that continues on with fire eating and fire bubbles.

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