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Welcome, my beloveds! Each act listed here is lovingly crafted to express themes of power, exhuberance, and sensuality in the feminine.

These acts are available to book as is. They are not available for modification unless otherwise specified in the act description. For example, some acts can be performed with or with out fire, but there are not different colored versions of the costumes you see, nor can the backing tracks be changed.

Custom Acts: With advance notice, it may be possible to accomodate requests for custom built performance pieces. Love what I do, but want to see a sword swallowing performance choreographed to a specific musical genre? Have a big event coming up and need an act with a costume that fits the theme? Want an act of a certain length to entertain your guests? Let's talk!

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Sword Swallowing x Feather Fan Dance

"Iron" is a flamenco-inspired number featuring fan dancing, tassel twirling, and sword swallowing all set to a fashion-forward backing track. This performance was filmed during the Telenovela Cabaret at The Newport Theater (2023).

Burlesque: Iron text
Burlesque: Scorpio Gallery


Neo Burlesque x Feather Boa

"Scorpio" is a communion with the dark feminine. Sally steps onto the stage and into her power, transmuting seductive, dark glamour into sensual femme fatale energy. Soft feathers and sultry movements are juxtaposed by perilously pointed claws, bared and ready to esnare the viewer.

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Burlesque: Diamonds Gallery


Classic Burlesque x Feather Boa x Fire (optional)

At it's core, "Diamonds" is an exuberant classic burlesque striptease featuring a feather boa and a sparkling white and skin tone costume. Diamonds is glamorous, flirtatious, and culminates in a tassel twirling finale. This is my most customizable creation to date in terms of both act length and additional skills that can be added on.

• This act can end in a fire performance, venue permitting.

• The shortest version of this act is 3:08 minutes while the longest version is 8:03. (The longest version includes a fire performance).

Burlesque: Diamonds text
Burlesque: Diamonds Gallery

Nola Blues

Neo Burlesque x Feather Fan x Fire (optional)

"Nola Blues" is a slow burn burlesque act featuring a feather fan headdress and Mardi Gras aesthetics. The act ends in tassel twirling (fire tassels or non-fire tassels can be used per venue regulations). Venue permitting, Nola Blues has an optional upbeat part 2 that continues on with fire eating and fire bubbles.

Burlesque: Nola Blues Text