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Feral Femmes

Feral Femmes is an unapologetically fierce and untamed burlesque and variety revue occurring once a month at Porkchop. Come celebrate bad ass womxn doing their thing.

Photo by Harlow Pinup

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Feral Femmes: Welcome

Show Schedule

Ages 18+  |  Doors: 7 PM  |  Show: 7:30 PM


September 22

It's our opening night at The Grand Cabaret inside Porkchop! Come get lost in the sauce that is Feral Femmes. We're gettin' lawless and braless! Hosted by Sally Marvel with performances by Cryptid Kid, Morteisha Addams, and TBA.


October 27

Feral Femmes returns for a night of fierce performances. Hosted by Sally Marvel with performances by Po' Chop, Cocoa Pearlesque, and Nitty Gritty.


November 10

It's a cornucopia of talent! The third installment of Feral Femmes is set to be a feast for the senses. Hosted by Miss NYXon with performances by Spitfire, MochaMocha2.0, and Juju Valentine.


December 15

The winter holidays are upon us and so are the Feral Femmes of The Grand Cabaret! Hosted by Sally Marvel with performances by SioBast, Mz Mr, and Billie Batwing.


December 29

Feral Femmes closes out 2023 with a night of wild revelry! Hosted by Sally Marvel with performances by Sunny Haelstorm, Millie May, and Joona Bae.


January 26

Join us in welcoming a fierce New Year!



February 9

Feral Femmes returns to the Grand Cabaret for February. Whether you're a lover or a hater, Feral Femmes is here for you!


Feral Femmes: Schedule
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The Grand Cabaret at Porkchop BBQ

132 W Grand Ave

Chicago, IL 60642

(312) 733-9333

Feral Femmes: About Us
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Performer Application

Pop a pastie, Bébé! Feral Femmes is open to performers of all identies who wish to be wild and free.

Thanks for applying! I’ll be in touch soon.

Feral Femmes: Job Application
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