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Sally Marvel is a Chicago-based sideshow and burlesque artist. She is a member of an elite group of dangerous dames being one of approximately 50 known female sword swallowers world wide! She is strange, alluring, and death defying.

Sally is internationally known; she has thrilled audiences across the U.S., Canada, Singapore, and the Philippines. In Chicago, she is the co-producer of the acclaimed Vaudeville the Show alongside magician AJ Sacco.

Upcoming Shows + Announcements

V a u d e v i l l e   t h e   S h o w

Bordel  -  1721 W Division St Chicago, IL 60622

Every Thursday after 8 PM

    Every Thursday at Bordel, Sally Marvel and magician AJ curate an entertainment experience that explores line between what is real and what is fake. Their combined talents captivate minds and stimulate all the senses. They will stop at nothing to showcase the foundations of entertainment: The Sexy. The Magical. The Weird.

    Vaudeville at Bordel features one hot set after 8:00 PM and an encore after 10:00 PM. Must be 21+. Admission: $15.

L E A T H E R  &  L A C E

CRUCIBLE - 3116 Commercial Ave
Madison, WI

Saturday, July 3
8:30PM Doors

Leather and Lace show

Joining the feminine with the bizarre, Sally curates entrancing yet visceral experiences for her audiences to indulge in. She hopes that witnessing her acts will create an opportunity for audience members to escape the mundane, to question what is possible, and to explore their own minds.

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